Cooperation to strengthen the aquaculture in Ghana

The Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI) participated in a stakeholder consultative workshop in Ghana from 10. -12. May 2022 to receive inputs and to discuss the draft «Ghana National Aquaculture Development Plan» (GNADP). The workshop aimed at improving the GNADP for the sustainable development of aquaculture in Ghana.

NVIs senior advisor within fish health and fish welfare, Kofitsyo Cudjoe, facilitated the three day interactive sessions, involving talks on topical issues followed by group works. The workshop, which is one of three planned, is part of a technical cooperation between Norway and Ghana for the Fish for Development (FfD) project.

The workshop attracted key stakeholders along Ghana’s aquaculture value chain. The first day commenced with topical presentations. Martin Binde, representing the Norwegian Food Safety Authority gave a presentation on best practices, regulations, and challenges for sustainable development in Norwegian fish farming. Jacob Zornu, who works on international aquaculture projects within NVI, presented management practices and stakeholder collaborations to improve fish health. Kofitsyo Cudjoe introduced the proposal for a One-stop Shop for licensing, as a step towards improving licensing and regulatory structures in Ghana’s aquaculture industry.

Ghana’s Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Development gave an inspiring speech recognizing the contributions of NVI in developing Ghana’s fisheries sector.

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