Ghana’s ecology under threat – Prof. Entsua-Mensah

Ghana’s ecology is in crisis as its natural resources continue to be mismanaged and ill-treated by various organisations and parties in a bid to derive economic benefits.

Professor Rose E. M. Entsua-Mensah, the former Deputy Director General of Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) made the declaration saying “most of Ghana’s water bodies, land and forests were constantly being violated to severe degrees, whiles organisations mandated to protect them stood powerless.”

Prof. Entsua-Mensah was delivering a lecture on the topic ‘Is Ghana on the brink of ecological suicide?’ at the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences (GAAS).

Her lecture took into account the various activities being conducted in the country, legal or not, that negatively impacted the ecological state of the country.

Prof. Entsua-Mensah stated that illegal mining had destroyed several water bodies in the country including the Black and White Volta, and the tributaries of Tano and Pra Basins.

She noted that due to these activities chemicals such as arsenic, sodium and mercury contaminated the water and seeped into the land making agriculture and aquaculture in those areas impossible.

To this end Prof. Entsua-Mensah called on government to evaluate the work of ‘Operation Vanguard’ to ascertain whether the initiative was yielding results.

She noted that it was the lack of transparency, corruption and lack of monitoring that allowed illegal activities to run rampant, including the exploitation of the African Rosewood in the country.

The former deputy director hoped that greater care and caution would be taken with respect to all resources, especially water bodies as the Keta Basin was to be the next natural resource to be exploited for mineral gain.

The work of the Environmental Protection Agency, Prof. Entsua-Mensah added, was yet to be seen as they had recently conceded to providing 2 per cent of Ghana’s forests to be used for mining operation.

She appealed to all to show greater care for the environment and pleaded with the President and Parliament to consider the safety of the environment before handing over precious resources to be exploited and misused.

Present at the lecture were executives and fellows of Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences and students from Achimota Senior High School, Accra Academy Senior High School, Accra Wesley Girls Senior High School, Health Concern Nursing Training and Accra Technical Training Centre (ATTC).


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